2022 End of year musings

I usually post numbers around this time that may or may not mean anything, but here I am gathering them from the tree anyway. Look at the pretty numbers! If each one were a leaf, there would be a nicely turned out fledgling oak.

Short Story Stats for 2022

119 story submissions

109 story rejections

12 story publications

3 forthcoming publications

I also rewrote Ivy in the Age of Falling Ash twice more and queried until the branches were bare.

Ivy in the Age of Falling Ash stats (some are from 2021, but I can’t be bothered to separate it out!)

132 queries

3 fulls, 2 partials, and an R and R

But there were other good things!

I restarted a second book and finished 75%

I sent out a short story MS and chapbook

I started reading at SmokeLong Quarterly

I wrote a ton of stories and made some new friends.

It was a trying year, writing-wise, in that I lost some confidence along the way. But, like many things, it was just a season. Time to turn over a new leaf.

image from Maria Paula Contreras (Unsplash)

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