Works and Publications

Short Stories

“Daemon Fenroy” published in the Spring/Summer 2019 anthology WSOFIT by Devil’s Party Press

Fenroy is considered dangerous. Chained in the dungeon and fed only library scraps, no one is allowed to look him directly in the eyes, for fear of manipulation. Those that care for him, and others like him, are also somewhat unusual, and may prove to be even more destructive than those that are bound. (fantasy/comedy/political satire)


“Noelaini’s Tether” June 2019 Issue A Drop of Water, a Flood of Dreams Published by Enchanted Conversations: Fairytales, Folktales, and Myths

As the daughter of the North Wind and a cloud nymph, Noelaini is used to being blown around. More grounded than her sisters, she must navigate with a rope tied around her waist, trying to balance the difference between flying and falling.


“Running Stitches” published on June 8, 2019 by The Drabble

100 word micro-fiction that follows the life of a woman who pulls together her life in a gathering of days, one memorable piece after the other.


“Before the River” (published as “Trees”), July 2019. Published in Beautiful Truth: A Gathering of Voices from Charlotte, NC by Charlotte Lit

A creative non-fiction piece that comments on growing up in North Florida and the tree that connects a childhood to the present.


The Last Outpost

    Way off the grid and nestled deep in the Smoky Mountains is Windy Valley Farms, a bed and breakfast that Ivy’s family has owned for generations. Surrounded by acres of old growth forest and rich, green glens, her hidden land has always attracted its share of refugees – animal and human alike. Now more than ever, it seems to be a sanctuary for the lost, the weary, and the dispossessed.

     While she cares for her borders, Ivy’s connection to the land runs deeper than she realizes. She grows apples and cans vegetables. She walks barefoot to greet the morning sun. She works deep into the night, and sees shadows that she struggles to understand.

    She has forgotten there is someone else that lives under the canopy of the dense forest as a caretaker of a different nature. That there is a hidden room with dials and gauges that she has yet to see.

    And somewhere, deep beneath the loamy earth of Windy Valley Farms, is a secret that lies outside just one human lifetime. It is measured in seasons and roots and in the connections of trees. It is part of a plan of ages to keep alive a vibrant ember in a dying world.

    If only Ivy could remember.

Inspired by Peter Wohlleben’s The Hidden Life of Trees, this eco-fiction novel is a cross between Ursula K LeGuin’s Always Coming Home and Cloud Atlas by David Mitchell. It is a read that reinforces the importance of our human relationships, our environment, and the powerful interconnected nature of all living things.

This novel is currently open for agent interest.