The Other Farmer’s Almanac

There are several precise minutes in the day when things are possible, though not absolutely, For example, at 7:05 in the morning, dew can reflect your true love or cure a wart. Most people know that at noon, of course, you can get a sunburn in the shape of a dagger and at midnight you can get a crick in your neck looking for witches against the moon. People know this and take steps against it, even if it is improbable. Others are more vague and unknown. At 10:51 you can see steam rising from a hidden cave. At 3:50 you can hear the sound of bells from an old church long since gone. At 13:22 a rabbit can speak your true name. And at 2:59, just before the real witching hour begins, shadows can freeze and fall gently to earth. Sometimes they fall as leaves and flowers, but more often they fall as the wings of birds, to mimic the great raven flocks that black out the sky for just that minute, as they travel from the real to the unreal.

They usually melt the first day of Spring, at 9:03.

Wing, Feather, Angel, Flying, Black

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