2022 Best MicroFiction Nominations

So incredibly grateful for two Best of MicroFiction nominations for 2002!

The first is for my piece “What Bones Carry” in Whale Road Review’s Fall 2022 Issue

You can read it here: http://www.whaleroadreview.com/miller-4/


The second nomination is for “No Matter How Much Time has Passed, Some Houses Don’t Die” from Janus Literary’s Issue 8

You can read it here: https://www.janusliterary.com/2022/06/29/janna-miller-no-matter-how-much-time-has-passed-some-houses-dont-die/

Thanks so much for the editors and readers of Janus Literary and Whale Road Review and best of luck to the other nominees!

A Few Publications I forgot to post about

Some really nice places have been kind in the month of June and I have not posted about them here (it happened all at once!). So ICYMI….

“Atmospheric Variations”. FlashFlood. June 18, 2022  http://flashfloodjournal.blogspot.com/2022/06/atmospheric-variations-by-janna-miller.html?utm_source=dlvr.it&utm_medium=twitter

Her mother never touched the ground, so Su didn’t either. Her toes splayed on rooftops and gables, curled around hanging vines and gutters. (speculative, literary)


“The Sternum Ties it All Together”. Molotov Cocktail. June 15, 2022  https://themolotovcocktail.com/vol-13/vol-13-issue-1/sternum/

My teeth wandered off their tether in the night, bringing back the taste of calcium bones and morning dew. (horror)


“As Fast as She Can”. Gastropoda. June 5, 2022  https://gastropodalitmag.wixsite.com/main/post/as-fast-as-she-can-by-janna-miller

Cars then and now. Also how fast a baby-blue flower-painted 1979 Pontiac Bonneville can go along Racetrack Road in the dark. (creative non-fiction)

Best wishes to all!

Smokelong Quarterly – The larvae of tree-dwelling species stay where they hatch

This amazing, beautiful publication is out and (I need to breathe a little before I say it) contains my quirky micro, “The Larvae of Tree-Dwelling Species Stay Where They Hatch”.

It’s a spontaneous creation nightmare, sort of. It’s a love story, sort of.

The insurance company does not care for the 500 pound robin, at all.

Besides my story, there are nine other, incredible selections. Go read them.

Flash Flood 2021 – The Last Spider Lilies of Chester County

As part of the annual 24 hour event, micros are bursting from the dams, escaping their tethers, and cresting over in waves. My micro, “The Last Spider Lilies of Chester County” entered the river at 8:15 EST.

Amazing mini writing, hourly prompts, and other activities make it a summer fun-day for floating in all the best writerly words.



Micro Longlisted at Smokelong Quarterly

Which is super amazing and kind of difficult to believe. Out of 1,700 entries? I think I might have snuck in the side door for the party. But that’s OK, I’m eating canapes and pretending I’ve been here all along, with a quick eye for the exit, should I need it.

Funny enough, I was longlisted last summer too, for their flash competition. Still working on getting that one placed, but it seems to be closer to liftoff than before.

Anyway, I just mean that this is my favorite summer thing – to hang out with some other people’s awesome words for a little bit. Like we’re family or something and about to pile into a big station wagon with a handful of bathroom stops. And a cooler-full of ginger ale.