Janus the Two Faced God and Two Stories (two)

A little like an echo in the room, two stories are out with Janus Literary. Like two sides of a coin, two slices of bread, two choices of dessert.

“Countess Herzinga’s Alchemy” is a drabble with magic and birds and birth. https://www.janusliterary.com/2022/06/29/janna-miller-countess-herzingas-alchemy/

“No Matter How Much Time Has Passed, Some Houses Don’t Die” is a micro with teeth, and analogies, and political ramifications, and well, Nazi ghost houses. It is about complacency and packaging. https://www.janusliterary.com/2022/06/29/janna-miller-no-matter-how-much-time-has-passed-some-houses-dont-die/.

Grateful to Janus Literary and the writing community!

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