Running Stitches

My “Running Stitches” piece was published today in The Drabble. Click on over and support this small press with a like. Or submit even. 100 word stories? You can do that!


By Janna Miller

Growing up, Settie basted together her days in light running stitches, so she could go back to them when she wanted. Sometimes it just pierced a smile on a dark day, while others it highlighted hours in the sun, done with a full scalloped border in Nordic Blue. The years when her needle dulled, she added a new thread in surgeon’s knots to move through thickened fabric to a better canvas. And later, when she could not see in the dimmer light, she gently pulled her life together, in a gathering of days, one memorable piece next to the other.

Janna writes to keep ahead of her daydreams (by just a little bit). Otherwise, she is a librarian, mother, and minor trickster.

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