I seem to be collecting HM’s

Congratulations to the Winners of YeahWrite’s Super Challenge #14

…but that’s OK. Maybe when I have enough, I can cash it in for a win! All good though. I made it through to the final round where we had to write a genre mashup: an Epistolary suspense story. 1K in 48 hours. It took a little while to come up with something. I like the story though (even if it turned a little V is for Vendetta) and think I will tweak a few things on it for fun. These competitions are so addictive!!

3rd place overall – Writer’s Workout Games

The prompts were delivered on Fridays for six weeks in a row. A Japanese historical fiction, an action/adventure with a countdown clock, an alien story including purposeful tropes, a fantasy memoir, a dialog only story, and one set in a festival or bazaar. The stories were due on Monday. Kind of a writing marathon (and honestly, I am just as tired).

Totally surprised when I won first in the last two events. Bonus, I came in third overall! My two placing stories will be published in a print anthology later this year. Sales proceeds benefit Nanowrimo.

Again, I have found the writing community to be the most supportive place. Congrats to all the writers that participated and those that even dipped in a toe. It’s a wonderful place to swim.

The Dark Side of the Moon is Off-Camera

After the TV turned off, Eva was thoughtful and quiet, while the others chattered like birds. She slid open the glass door and stepped into bright sky, her eldest brother a shadow behind her. 


“How come I didn’t see him?” She wore the ache in her heart like a beacon. “Grandpa’s watching me from the moon, said he would always.”

Suddenly leaning against his side, she twisted a fist against tears.

“Ah, that’s because rocket scientists don’t know everything.”


“It’s the wrong frequency, you see. Rocket fuel can’t go the speed of love.”

Eva smiled faintly again. “Lovespeed.”

Clouds, Moon, Sky, Day, Full Moon, Cumulus, Weather
photo credit: Pixabay
100 word challenge in honor of the 50th anniversary of the Moon landing. This one focused on a girl trying to fit a new reality over a comfort she had been offered by a quick-thinking older brother.