Story featured in Twist in Time

Hello all! This happened a few weeks ago, but somehow I forgot to mention it here! Super excited to see this one up in the newest edition of Twist in Time magazine.

The impetus behind this story was a contest that assigned very specific prompts: a story written in Japan during the 1890’s. A lot of research later, I hope the story captures a window of the time period with just a smidgeon of fantasy.

Tea and the Weight of Spirits

Endless Pictures from TL;DR Press out today

Excited to see this competition anthology out today with some pretty awesome authors and stories! Love that I was able to get a little something in here as well. After Midnight at the Dreamer’s Charity Ball is an ethereal piece – including a fully feathered orchestra, acorn nut pastries, bedroom slippers, and the sweet memory of strawberries.

This publication benefits One Story, an organization supporting young writers.

Andromeda Spaceways is out (and my story is in the inflight magazine)

It took a minute longer than we thought – but my story is live in Andromeda Spaceways. And look at that art! Excited to be in this one. Brooke, the editor, was lovely! Entanglement Issues in Magical Workplace Accidents is ready to remind you to be wary about taking on too much work, especially the kind that might make it hard for you to leave your job.

TL;DR Flash Competition

Excited for the news that my story “After Midnight at the Dreamer’s Charity Ball” will be in this compilation. It was a little ethereal, but sometimes the characters go that way. 🙂 I’ll post again when it is live. Thinking of everyone!!


Crop Rotation with Meow Meow Pow Pow

Thrilled to see this piece published with Meow Meow Pow Pow for their Family Crypt theme. I really like this one!

The mission of this publication is to pair writing with art, to share with all. So download the poster and plaster your walls. The paired art with the teeth and carrots was just perfect! Thanks to artist Cassandra Panek.

And as a bonus (?) you can hear me read “Crop Rotation” on the site too.